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Adjusting to life after a serious injury can be an overwhelming and traumatic time for you and your family. At Claim Today Solicitors we are aware that the life-changing effects of serious injury go far beyond immediate pain. You may have found yourself unable to work, relying more heavily on your family and friends, or in need of expensive, ongoing professional treatment. Our serious injury claim specialists offer a holistic and client-centred service, which takes into account every aspect of your recovery to help you get your life back on track. We have a good record of securing high damages settlements for our clients

There are many kinds of serious injuries, arising from a wide variety of accidents, which can happen as a result of work place injury, on holiday,on the road or on public transport.Each accident is different, and the particular complexities of serious injury cases, which may need to take into account medical records, symptoms, and long-term consequences and care over many years, require the hand of injury claim specialists. We ensure that the best injury claims solicitors handle all serious injury claims. Your solicitor will review the circumstances of your accident and its short and long term impact on your health and wellbeing in order to ensure that the injury claim process is smooth and the way forward is clear throughout. Our Serious Injury Claim Specialists offer an award-winning service which puts your needs and those of your family first, to make sure you can easily pursue your serious injury claim.

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Why Do Serious Injuries Require Specialist Legal Advice?

In many serious injury cases, mobility can be a real issue. Our serious injury solicitors understand this, and our primary concern is supporting you and your family. We are happy to visit you at home during your case, and have a system that allows you to sign documents online without having to leave your home. We will explain the serious injury claim process and conditions of your case clearly, to ensure that you are updated on the progress of your case throughout, and our in-house call centre means that you can be sure of our support 24/7.

We will consider the impact of your medical care alongside your rehabilitation, equipment and house adjustments, and your long-term daily care needs to ensure that you receive full support with your serious injury claim. This extends to:

(i) Benefits
(ii) Psychological and physical therapy
(iii) Future care
(iv) Mobility and living modification
(v) Family support
(vi) Ongoing medical treatment

If you have suffered an injury as the result of an accident whilst on holiday, call Claim Today Solicitors now for expert help and advice from one of our specialist personal injury solicitors on 0800 093 9392.

Types of Serious Injury Claim

Serious injury covers any injury resultant of an accident which has led or will lead to considerable and long-term impact on your lifestyle. Serious Injuries affect vital parts of the body, such as the brain or spinal cord, nerve damage, burns, amputation or paralysis. In these cases, our clients often need to make considerable adjustments to their lifestyle, including giving up work, making adjustments to their home, such as support railings or wheelchair access, and to equipment, such as adjustments to bicycles to allow them to continue riding


Back Injury Claims

Serious Injury to the back or spinal cord can lead to continued pain, loss of mobility, and even paralysis. You may be entitled to make a back injury claim if you have suffered in a car accident or been hit by a car as a pedestrian, suffered injury on a building site or in a factory, been involved in a transport accident, or otherwise injured your back as a result of an accident that might have been prevented. Those who have suffered back injuries may require help with mobility, such as wheelchairs or crutches, and those with serious back injuries may be prevented from working in the future.


Head and Brain Injury Compensation Claims

Serious Injuries resulting in damage to the head and the brain can have numerous complications, including damage to cognition and communication. In these cases, we have aided clients who have been unable to return to work due to impaired memory, speech, or concentration, as well as those who have been left physically impaired by paralysis or palsy due to brain injuries. Among other places, brain injuries can occur as the result of direct trauma in a car crash accidents on building sites or in factories or malfunctioning machinery. Brain damage can also occur as a complication after other kinds of serious injury. Our serious injury solicitors team up with the best medical professionals to ensure that your comfort and care is taken into account as part of your brain injury compensation claim Furthermore, we take into account the support needed by families whose loved ones have been irreparably changed by serious injury. This can include changes to the home, assistive software, rehabilitation, home care support, and counselling for spouses and children.


Burns and Disfigurement Claims

The consequences of severe burns and serious injuries resulting in disfigurement can be daunting. Burns and disfiguring injuries may take place at work, in kitchens or factories,at industrial sites or firework display or as the result of an accident on the road.At CTS we are aware that the psychological impact of serious injuries which change a clients’ appearance can be traumatic, and that adjusting to life after such an injury does not happen overnight. We work with the best medical professionals to ensure that your personal circumstances are assessed and your care is paramount. We take into account the need for prosthetics and counselling care, as well as long-term support and medical care following skin grafts and transplants. With CTS you know that you are in the right hands, with our best injury claim solicitors on hand throughout your case to explain the injury claim process so that your know where you are every step of the way.



Amputations can be the result of serious injury in dangerous work environments such as workshops, factories and building sites, but it can also occur as the result of medical complications after injuries if wounds become infected or surgery faces complications. Our serious injury specialists are aware of the impact that an amputation can have on your mobility and your ability to work, as well as the psychological trauma resultant of such a serious injury. That’s why we work hard to ensure that your suffering is compensated – from each missed day of work to every sleepless night. Your injury claim specialists will explain how to make an injury claim and help you to negotiate the complexities of the injury claim process. We take into account the impact upon your lifestyle, from your ability to play preferred sports, adjustments to your home, postoperative rehabilitation, prosthetics and home care support.



Paralysis after a serious injury invariably has a devastating impact on your way of life and mobility. For many suffering from partial paralysis, there is the potential for recovery, but in other cases, such as serious injury to the spinal cord, the paralysis may be more extensive and permanent. Whatever the impact of paralysis, our serious injury solicitors will consider the particulars of your circumstances and assess your claim to ensure the best outcome for you.


Fatal Injury Claims

In particularly unfortunate circumstances, serious accidents may lead to a fatality. In these cases, our solicitors are on hand to offer support and legal advice to families and loved ones, to aid in making a fatal injury claim. Serious Injury leading to fatality is a complex legal subject, which may even amount to a criminal offense in some circumstances. For this reason, it is vital to speak to an experienced legal professional who can help you through the injury claim process. Our solicitors know how delicate fatal injury claims are, and are trained and experienced to offer the best legal support for families after a death due to serious injury.


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Compensation after hit-and-run: Mr Singh’s Story

Mr Singh sustained multiple injuries after he was hit by a car in a hit-and-run incident. Claim Today Solicitors were able to help him get his life on track with a damages settlement of £115,000. He said: ‘I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. Honestly, you have done an outstanding job and the difference was that you genuinely cared.’

Sudesh’s Story

Sudesh suffered serious burns after falling into a giant cooking pot of steaming hot chicken curry at her place of work. She was transferred to hospital and had to undergo numerous skin grafts to address the damage. Although she had worked for her employer for 10 years, she had not received any health and safety training, and with the work of Claim Today Solicitors’s best serious injury solicitors a compensation settlement was reached.

Mr S’s Story

Mr S’s hand was narrowly saved after he slipped while using a saw on uneven ground on the building site where he worked. He was rushed to hospital where the partially severed hand was reattached, but the injury left him in considerable pain and unable to continue his building work. Our solicitors worked tirelessly to ensure he was compensated, eventually succeeding in securing a six-figure settlement, as well as aiding in support with adjustments to his bicycle and other changes to his home that allowed him to rebuild his life.

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