Hip implant patients take DePuy to court

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DePuy, manufacturer of hip implant products, is facing a lawsuit from more than 300 patients looking for compensation for the pain and suffering caused by their “failed” metal-on-metal hip implants.

The initial pain and subsequent early revision surgery, as well as the need to source more conventional hip products, have slowed down recovery times, forced patients to miss work, and put their families through unneeded stress and worry.

If you’ve had a hip replacement that has gone wrong or caused more upset and pain, give Claim Today Solicitors a call to see if you could be entitled to compensation on 0800 093 9392.

NHS putting £65bn aside for negligence claims

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Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence at the hospital

Medical negligence caused by professionals working in the NHS cost the health service £1.6bn last year, prompting the body to set aside £65bn for existing and future claims, according to the Centre for Policy Studies.

The £1.6bn figure places the cost of medical negligence at £24 per person, almost triple that you see in the United States which is at £9 per person.

What this does show, alongside the expensive nature of claims in the first place, is that levels of care and medical practice within the NHS are a cause for concern.

The number of claims have risen more-or-less every year up to a peak of over 9,000 claims in 2012, before declining after legal aid was revoked for personal injury claims. However, claims are rising again as the health service becomes more stretched.

If you have been the victim of medical negligence by the NHS, you should feel entitled to claim compensation to ensure that you are able to recover and get back to living as best you can.

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Claim Today maintains Legal 500 ranking five years running

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Claim Today Solicitors will continue to be a Legal 500 recommended law firm for personal injury claimants in the West Midlands for a fifth consecutive year.

The 2017 United Kingdom edition of the Legal 500 was published yesterday, with Claim Today Solicitors continuing to be at Tier 4 for the West Midlands in the subsection of Personal injury; claimant.

The Legal 500 is a comprehensive review of the capabilities of law firms worldwide, and has provided an up-to-date vision of the legal market in regions and countries across the world for the last thirty years.

The rankings are made based on a number of factors, primarily focussed “on the bench strength of the team (including partners and associates), and the consistency of quality of the individuals within the team”. It also considers factors such as case capacity, market share, future investment, reputation, and perception in the market.

In the rankings, Legal 500 said this about Claim Today:

“The personal injury department is comprised of 24 fee-earners and is led by operations director Vicky Blodwell, who recently assisted a motor car servicer with his claim following an accident at his workplace where he was crushed by a car he was in the process of servicing.”

“The practice is equipped to handle all aspects of personal injury work, including asbestos-related disease, fatal accidents, amputations, brain and spinal cord injuries, and employers’ and public liability investigations. Recent work includes handling several hit-and-run incidents, and acting on behalf of a self-employed man working as a contractor who lost his hand while using an operational saw; despite admitting to contributory negligence, the claimant was awarded £85,000 in damages. The team also successfully proved the employer’s liability in a case where a construction worker was critically injured at the workplace, resulting in £200,000 in damages.”

Vicky Blodwell, Head of the Personal Injury department, spoke of her satisfaction to be included in the rankings for another year:

“It’s always a good feeling to be included in the Legal 500 as one of the major firms for personal injury claimants, and highlights the dedication and commitment of our team to help those who need to claim compensation.”

“This, alongside other awards such as Feefo’s Trusted Service Award, and the Customer Service Excellence awards, goes to show the firm’s standing in client service, and expert legal practice.”

“We are also looking to the future to climb higher in the rankings over the next few years, investing in areas of the firm to ensure that we can offer our clients an even better service.”

If you’ve been injured in an accident at work or in public that wasn’t your fault, or a victim of medical or surgical negligence, call our team today on 0800 093 9392 to discuss how you can claim compensation.

Government to review road safety laws

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The Government is now reviewing whether or not the offence of death by careless or dangerous driving should also apply to cyclists after Charlie Alliston was jailed for 18 months.

Last month, Charlie Alliston was sentenced to 18 months in jail for the offence of “wanton and furious driving” under the Offences Against the Person Act 1861, after striking and killing a pedestrian in London last February.

The Transport minister, Jesse Norman, announced a two-phase review into road safety including cyclists, after a series of road traffic incidents including bicycles.

This will mean that cyclists may come under the same rules as drivers in the coming months.

The Offences Against the Person Act 1861 has had to be used in a number of cases against cyclists in order to protect pedestrians and road users alike, which hasn’t been addressed in the same way as car drivers.

Suffered an accident on the road? Claim Today for personal injury compensation by calling 0800 29 800 29.

New NHS rules could see many left untreated

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Claims Today Solicior - Back injuryHealthcare providers will soon have to carry out immigration checks before carrying out treatment, and potentially turn away sick schoolchildren and women seeking abortions.

From 23 October, any NHS funded organisation will be legally required to check every patient’s ID before providing them with a service to assess whether they are eligible for free healthcare, and if not charge them in full before treating them.

The rules will apply to community and secondary health services in England, including school nursing, termination of pregnancy services and mental health charities. This also includes services such as community midwifery, advocacy and specialist services for homeless people and asylum seekers, as well as local authority run drug and alcohol services.

They follow similar legislation back in April that requires hospitals to run immigration checks before administering most kinds of care.

GP services are excluded from this up front check, however charities and campaigners warn that the new rules can have a huge human impact, leaving vulnerable people afraid or unable to afford essential healthcare services.

If you are currently suffering from a personal or serious injury, or are a victim of clinical negligence from your hospital or doctor, contact Claim Today Solicitors today by calling 0800 29 800 29 to start your claim today.

£480,000 paid out to helping hand in run-over incident

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carwheel-620x400Claim Today Solicitors has successfully claimed £481,000 in compensation for their client, who was run-over twice after assisting a stranded driver.

The client had stopped on the side of the road to help a driver who’s vehicle had broken down. Unfortunately, in doing so, the driver of the vehicle ran over his foot twice, causing him to suffer serious injury to the foot.

As a client of Claim Today Solicitors, we immediately assessed his medical needs and arranged for him to receive rehabilitation treatment to ensure that he received the best possible care as quickly as possible. We also arranged for interim payments to assist him during the claim process as he was unable to return to work and his future was unclear.

The claim in detail

The £481,000 figure was fought for by Claim Today Solicitors, ensuring that every aspect of his claim was considered by the insurers.

The claim included a sum for his actual injury but also took into account the care he would need in the future which is critical to ensure that he receives the best possible care when he requires it.

The claim also included property adaptations and equipment to ensure he could walk around his property freely, as well as full loss of earnings for three years, and future loss of earnings for a number of years.

Serious injury specialist, Vicky Blodwell, said that the claim had gone some way to helping the client have closure on the incident and look ahead to the future:

“While he will have to live with his injuries throughout his life, the client was able to claim compensation that will allow him to not worry about the fact that he has been unable to go back to work full time in the job that he loved doing before the accident. It is important when settling claims like this that future needs are not overlooked. We were able to ensure that everything our client would reasonably need in the future was provided for within the compensation to truly ensure his life continues to get back on track and that his family do not have any unnecessary worry”.

Have you suffered an injury in a road traffic accident? Unable to go back to work? Call Claim Today Solicitors today on 0800 29 800 29 or fill out our form to see if you have a claim.

Employment Claim Charges Ruled Unlawful

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The Supreme Court has ruled that employment claim charges are unlawful. Since July 2013, the government has charged people for bringing cases of unfair dismissal, discrimination, and other workplace issues to court. Under this week’s ruling, the Government have now been forced to repay over £27m back to members of the public who have sought legal assistance for these issues.
The fees had previously been criticised for discouraging lower paid workers from seeking assistance in cases where they were being poorly treated at work. Employees were expected to pay up to £1,200 to pursue their cases. By essentially pricing employees out, many employers had the upper hand when it came to legal action on employee rights.
For years, employees have held the short straw on their own rights to work for a decent wage, in a safe environment, without discrimination, racism, sexism, disability or homophobia. And this has been reflected in the huge drop in employment law cases brought to court since the charges began.
The Supreme Court ruling is a real victory for employees, meaning that they can now seek justice against discrimination, unfair dismissal, and wage inequality without having to pay for legal support.
At ClaimToday Solicitors, we have experienced Employment Law specialists who can help you make a claim if you have been mistreated by your employer or experienced discrimination at work. This ruling means we are delighted to be able to offer our services once more on a No Win, No Fee basis, as we could prior to 2013.
If you have experienced mistreatment at work, you are entitled to legal advice and may be eligible to pursue action against your employer. Our specialist solicitors can guide you every step of the way, with expert advice across all industry sectors. Speak to a member of our team now on 0800 29 800 29 and start your no win, no fee Claim Today.

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ClaimToday Legal News – 22 July

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Our weekly round-up of some of the biggest legal news stories of the week, with comments from our solicitors!


BBC braced for equal pay lawsuits

This week’s BBC salary scandal showed up huge discrepancies in equality within the corporation. Publishing the salaries of its top earners the BBC revealed that female and minority presenters make up only a fraction of the overall list, which included all presenters earning over £150,000. Just two women made it into the top ten, sparking expected legal action against the BBC by those who are being paid unfairly compared to their male or white counterparts. In many cases, women are paid substantially less for the same roles, and lawyers are bracing themselves for an increase in employment law cases on the pay gap.

If you feel you are not being treated fairly at work, you should seek legal advice. At ClaimToday our specialist solicitors can help you with any matters arising from your rights at work, including issues around pay, unfair dismissal, dangerous working conditions, and discrimination. Speak to a member of our team today on 0800 29 800 29 for more information.


Payouts push up premiums

The Association of British Insurers says average car insurance premiums have gone up by 11% in the last year, with the typical bill for an annual policy now £484. The ABI have put this down to government decisions to reduce the so called discount rate, maximising insurance payouts. However, in the past, savings have not been passed on from insurers to consumers, leading to an unrealistic inflation of premiums and the vilification of legal services which offer compensation assistance for those who have suffered serious and life changing injuries. Victims of injuries of this kind require long-term care and support; at ClaimToday, we believe that ethical support of our serious injury clients easily justifies the need for greater compensation payouts. If you have suffered serious injury in an accident at work or on the road that was not your fault, compensation is your right. Speak to a member of our team to start your claim for compensation today on 0800 29 800 29.


Female presenters ready to sue BBC 

Startling pay gaps revealed by the BBC’s recent release of their top presenters’ salaries is already raising questions of equality across the BBC. Ten female presenters have said they are considering suing the corporation for discrimination, while carrying out jobs with the same title and expectations at a fraction of the pay offered to their white male colleagues. Some lawyers have also suggested that male presenters who have taken pay cuts to address the gap have a right to sue, too. An option would be for the BBC to dismiss and re-employ the men concerned at lower salaries, but this could present a clear legal case for unfair dismissal. At ClaimToday, our employment specialists are able to assist with any employment law issue relating to gender or racial discrimination at work, whether relating to pay gap, unfair dismissal, or working conditions. Call us now on 0800 29 800 29 to speak to a member of our team.


IVF clinic sued over secret baby

A father is suing a Harley Street fertility clinic for £1m for letting his ex-partner secretly conceive his child after they split. The man claims his former partner “forged his signature” on documents to secure the release of the fertilised eggs without his agreement. This highly unusual case centres on an accusation of negligence on behalf of the clinic who, the father argues, had a duty to check and confirm the validity of all signatures on the document before releasing the eggs to his ex-partner. At ClaimToday, we specialise in medical negligence claims, whether the negligence takes place on the operating table, in a hospital ward, or is the result of misdiagnosis by your GP. We can also assist with many types of private or civil claims. Our dispute resolution specialists can advise you on any private claims you wish to pursue. Call ClaimToday now on 0800 29 800 29 to begin your claim or for no obligation legal advice tailored to your circumstances.


Campaigners fear Brexit could roll back employment rights

What does Brexit mean for employment? Well Women’s rights groups have expressed concern that the move could be a step back for equality and are campaigning to protect rights for employed women up and down the country. Although Theresa May has promised to maintain women’s rights, including the length of paid maternity leave, there are fears that leaving the union could remove protection against any u-turns in this area. If you are concerned about your legal rights at work, free legal advice is available – call ClaimToday now on 0800 29 800 29 for immediate assistance. Our employment law solicitors are on hand to advise about any legal issues arising from unfair treatment in your work place.


Acid attack sentences to be reviewed

This week’s spate of acid attacks in London has sparked an investigation which may lead to sentences being increased for those who carry out such attacks. The government review targets police response, existing laws, sentencing and questions how attackers get their hands on harmful substances. These types of attack have long-standing impact on their victims. Designed to cause immense pain and deformity, the attacks in London left several injured with long-term acid burns. If you have been a victim of criminal injury, whether in an attack or as the result of burglary, theft, or negligence, our solicitors can offer free advice and help you claim compensation. Call ClaimToday now on 0800 29 800 29 to speak to a member of our specialist Criminal Injury Compensation team.

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When Varshan, a software engineer, was hit by a speeding motorbike as he crossed the road, he was hospitalised and needed several operations.
The bike had been overtaking traffic and not paying due attention to the road, knocking him onto the curb. He was left with a fractured skull, femur, multiple pelvic fractures, damaged collarbone, and arm. After the accident, he was rushed to the nearest ICU, where he was diagnosed with further vein damage and, as he recovered, psychological injury.
At the hospital, Varshan underwent multiple forms of treatment and surgery, including radiotherapy and having a nail inserted in his femur. He had to use a wheelchair when he was released from hospital, and only gradually became able to walk again with the help of crutches.
Heavily reliant on his family, who had to fly to the UK from India to support him, Varshan found that his ill-health meant that he missed out on an expected promotion at work.
The impact of a serious injury like this on Varshan’s life was devastating, and eventually he sought the help of Claim Today. Our experienced solicitors walked him through every step of his claim to ensure that every aspect was taken into account.
Specialist serious injury solicitor, Vicky Blodwell, fought hard to ensure he recieved the maximum compensation he was entitled to. This included cover for his family’s flights and consideration of future conditions likely to arise from his injuries.
“It is easy to forget that an accident like this, while it has a devastating effect upon the victim, can also have a huge impact on their family,” says Vicky. “We often see families sacrificing paid work and free time to support their loved ones after accidents, and this needs to be taken into account as part of a claim.”
Vicky Blodwell, Serious Injury Solicitor was on the case right away.

Vicky Blodwell, Serious Injury Solicitor was on the case right away.

“We’re delighted to have been able to secure over £100,000 compensation for Varshan, and wish him all the best in the future.”
Claim Today fought Varshan’s corner and secured £108,500 net in damages to help Varshan get his life back on track.
If you have suffered injury in an accident that was not your fault, whether on the road like Varshan, or in your place of work, Claim Today are on hand to help. Call us on 0800 29 800 29 to speak to a member of our team today. Don’t delay, Claim Today!

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Quarter of a Million Compensation for Car Accident Victim

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Claim Today Solicitors have helped a man receive £250,000 compensation after a car performing a u-turn veered out in front of him unexpectedly, leaving him with life-changing injuries.

Mr A. suffered blunt trauma to his eye, loss of vision, laceration with facial scarring and a several injuries to his right arm after the car hit his. The traumatising accident caused him considerable psychological distress, particularly as he became fearful about the extent of his injuries. The bone stuck out of his arm, and he found his eye was bleeding and would not open. He needed multiple surgeries to address his injuries, including plates in his arm, and retinal and cataract surgery to restore his vision. The accident affected his sleep, plaguing him with flashbacks and nightmares about the accident.

Before the accident, Mr A. was healthy and active. He enjoyed a busy lifestyle full of sport, including swimming, football, rugby and adventure sports such as climbing. He was a martial arts instructor and training to become a pilot, but the accident left him unable to pursue most of these activities.

His arm was left scarred and numb, a particular challenge which meant that he could not teaching Martial Arts, as practicing the sport left him in unbearable pain. From being highly active, both at home and work, Mr A. was forced to rely on his partner and wider family for care and support. He developed anxiety about socialising, and lost out on things at work, including an important client and a promotion due to his impacted ability to work.

Problems with his sight continued even after his operations. This caused discomfort and embarrassment during the course of his work and drained his self-esteem. After trying to return to driving, he suffered a minor accident due to his impaired vision which led him to give up driving altogether.

When it became clear that the accident had left long-term damage, both to his body, and to his ability to work, Mr A. sought help from Claim Today Solicitors. Our team were on hand to ensure that he received full compensation for his injuries, and for the impact they have had on his lifestyle. We considered every aspect of his situation, from his limited mobility to the daily care he needed to get his life back on track. Leaving no stone unturned, our team supported Mr A. throughout his case and successfully ensured he recieved £250,000 damages.

Serious Injury Specialist, Vicky Blodwell, who handled Mr A.’s case said ‘We are delighted to have been able to help Mr A. after his horrific injury, and would encourage anyone else who has suffered a similar accident to seek legal advice as early as possible.’

Vicky Blodwell, Medical Negligence Solicitor helped the client with his case.

Vicky Blodwell, Serious Injury Solicitor helped the client with his case.

Starting a claim early can improve the likelihood of success, as important medical and circumstantial evidence can be time sensitive. If you have suffered serious injury in an accident that was not your fault, it is important to get photographic evidence of your injury and ensure your doctor keeps full records of all treatment you recieve.

‘We fought hard for Mr A., and hope that the compensation he has recieved will provide him and his family with much needed support. We wish him all the best for his future.’

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