Cancer care

Nowadays, cancer is something that will probably touch each of our lives in one way or another, with over 2.5million people living with cancer in the UK today. There have been some great strides in diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the UK.

However, mistakes are sometimes made, diagnoses are wrong or late, treatment is carried out incorrectly, and that can have devastating consequences.

Pursuing a compensation claim either after or during cancer care is a difficult thing to imagine. However, if you’ve suffered with unnecessary pain, a loss of earnings or built up medical expenses because of misdiagnosis or other negligent treatment, then you should feel confident and within your rights to claim compensation.

In such cases, it is important to have a clinical negligence solicitor who has the experience and the expertise to ensure that you can claim compensation for such negligence, and it’s especially important to have someone who can address your case with compassion and understanding.

At Claim Today Solicitors, our team of clinical negligence solicitors can assist with claiming compensation arising from the following:

  • misdiagnosis; this includes being diagnosed with cancer when you don’t have it – particularly if that has led to greater consequences such as engaging in treatments you don’t need. There are also misdiagnoses with different types of cancer;
  • delays in diagnosis; delays in referring you to a specialist or carrying out a biopsy can have major consequences;
  • failure to diagnose; missing the tell-tale signs of cancer altogether. Your claim is well backed up when the failure to diagnose comes with x-rays, scans, and reports;
  • negligent treatment; with biological and targeted therapies, hormonal therapies, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other therapies available, sometimes a patient is given treatments which are unsuitable or unnecessary for their particular condition.

No win no fee

Personal injury compensation claims, clinical negligence claims, and serious injury claims made with Claim Today Solicitors are brought on a “no win, no fee” basis. This means that if you don’t win your case, you don’t pay a penny.

The main benefits of a “No Win, No Fee” agreement is that there is no money to pay up front. Any amounts payable by you are only payable if you win and are therefore deducted from your compensation, meaning you need not worry about money in order to make a claim, and to benefit from legal advice as soon as possible.

Do you have a claim?

If you believe you may have a clinical negligence claim, and that you only became aware of the negligent act within the last three years, then you may be able to bring have a claim. You should contact us by calling 08000 93 93 92, or by filling out our contact form so that our team can take full details from you and advise you as to whether you have a claim or not, and your next steps.

How to start your claim

To start your claim with Claim Today Solicitors, either call 08000 93 93 92, or start your claim by clicking here and filling out our form, where we will call you back to talk to you in more detail about your claim.

When detailing your claim, it is important that you note down the details of your accident, including:

  • the time and date of the incident/treatment;
  • the location of the incident/treatment;
  • what you believe to have gone wrong;
  • what injury/damage you believe you have suffered as a result;
  • photographs of the scarring/injury.

After establishing that you have a claim that we can take forward, our expert solicitors at Claim Today will handle all of your tricky paperwork and advise you throughout the claim process.

Claim Today, Plan for Tomorrow

Claim Today Solicitors is a personal injury firm that specialises in medical negligence and serious injury claims, and is nationally accredited for both client service and legal delivery in the field of personal injury. The Head of our Clinical Negligence Department, Joanne Warren, is accredited by the Law Society in the field of Clinical Negligence.

However, our care looks beyond that of your claim. Our commitment to you can be seen through our tagline “Claim Today, Plan for Tomorrow”. Our expert team of clinical negligence solicitors look at ensuring that you are able to continue your life as able and as worry-free as possible.

We will assess the impact of your medical care alongside your rehabilitation, equipment and house adjustments, and your long-term daily care needs, to ensure that you receive full support with your claim. This can include provisions such as benefits, psychological and physical therapy, future care, mobility and living modifications, family support, and ongoing medical treatment.

In some cases, we are also able to offer claim advances up front in order to make necessary adjustments and medical support to ensure that you get the best support at a time that you need it most, meaning that you can start planning for tomorrow, while you claim today.

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