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Accident at work

When you start work, your employer takes on certain responsibilities for your safety in the workplace. Whether you are injured in a factory, office, shop, on a construction site or in any other kind of work place, Claim Today Solicitors can ensure that you receive maximum compensation you deserve.

Some types of work, such as heavy industry and factory work, often expose workers to dangerous machinery and unrestricted working practices, which can become life-threatening if left uncontrolled. Accidents due to malfunctioning machinery, poor working conditions or unsafe working environments can be very serious, and while not every workplace injury results in a fatality, employers have a responsibility to ensure their employees work in a safe environment.

Workplace accidents are not limited to industrial, construction or factory workplaces, but can take place anywhere from the office to the classroom. The workplace is governed by certain laws and regulations which affect the responsibilities of employers and employees that work there. But whether you were injured during the operation of machinery, slipped on a spillage, hurt yourself lifting something or fell from a height, Claim Today Solicitors can help you.

Your employer is required by law to have Employers’ Liability Insurance, which should cover them against your claim, so if you suffer illness or injury due to an employer’s negligence, you are legally entitled to make a claim. Every workplace accident is different, and our experienced personal injury lawyers will discuss your circumstances in depth to see whether you have a viable claim.

We can help, whether your accident came about due to:

  • Poor access to a building
  • Hazardous wiring
  • Faulty equipment, desks, chairs, flooring, shelves, scaffolding or machinery
  • Insufficient training (e.g. operating machinery or lifting)
  • Being given insufficient time to recover from illness
  • Failure to clear objects from pathways or clean up spillages

To give your case the best chance of success, it is important that you note down the details of your accident, including:

  • Date and Time of accident
  • Location of accident
  • Cause of accident
  • Details of witnesses
  • Photographs of the location and injury sustained in the accident

Ensure also that you have logged the incident in your work’s accident book and seek medical advice from a hospital or doctor.

At Claim Today Solicitors, our lawyers are particularly skilled at dealing with claims arising from workplace accidents. Our years of experience mean that we have an in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws, and are able to approach your case in the best way to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

If you have been injured at your place of work as a result of employer negligence, call Claim Today Solicitors now on 0800 093 9392 to speak with a member of our workplace injury claims team.

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