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At Claim Today Solicitors, we’ve been dedicated to giving you nationally award-winning service for over 15 years.

We are a Legal 500 commended Personal Injury and Serious Injury Solicitors offering a national service across the UK. Since Claim Today Solicitors was established in 1999, we have grown to become a leading firm with clients in every major UK city. While the legal sector has changed, often leading to minimising the compensation claimants recieve, we are proud to still offer 100% compensation to our clients.

Our Origins & Ethos

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Our mascot, the Claim Today Solicitors Clock, has evolved with the company over the past 17 years.

Claim Today was established in 1999 in response to the expensive, poor quality legal services available to claimants at the time. Those who had suffered accidents faced heavy deductions from national claim providers, which left them with very little to show for their claim.

We decided this was unacceptable, and launched with a simple mission: to offer a legal service that championed claimants, giving them 100% compensation without deductions at the end of their claim.

It is our mission to defend victims of non-fault accidents wherever they take place. We never work on behalf of defendants or insurance companies. Claim Today Solicitors remains dedicated to our simple ethos:

  • Exceptional client service with top solicitors and medical professionals
  • 100% Compensation – no deductions or hidden charges
  • Promoting links between business and the wider community

This mission was well recieved and we grew rapidly to become a leading provider of legal aid for personal injury claims across the UK.

Don't Delay, Claim Today!

Bollywood giant, Shah Rukh Khan, became the face of Claim Today Solicitors in 2008.

Bollywood giant, Shah Rukh Khan, became the face of Claim Today Solicitors in 2008.

Our clients responded well to the service they recieved and Claim Today grew quickly, becoming the go-to service for personal injury claims, particularly in the Asian community across the UK. We began to offer our services nationally, serving clients from all corners of the country, and our tag-line ‘don’t delay, claim today’ became a by-word for high-quality claims service and 100% compensation.

Over the years we have been supported by some big names, including Bollywood giant, Shah Rukh Khan, Reham Khan, and more recently Pakistani celebrity, Nadia Hussain.

We began to offer legal service in many languages, including all South Asian languages from Punjabi and Hindi to Urdu and Tamil. Offering easy access to legal services for non-English speaking clients has become a cornerstone of Claim Today, with the introduction of well-reputed Polish and Slovak departments following soon after.

Award-winning Service & 100% Compensation

Over the years we have been working to continually improve our service, and the rewards for our clients have been clear. We have recieved a wide number of accredications and awards, ranging from Legal 500 Recommendation and being listed as one of the Times 100 Best Small Firms to Work For, to awards for our charity work, such as the Big Tick and National CSR Awards. In 2014 we became the first law firm to recieve the Customer Service Excellence Award from the Government Cabinet Office. Click here for more about our Awards and Accreditations. 

New Offices and a Growing Team

Our team feature in our 2016 TV advert with Pakistani actress and model, Nadia Hussain.

Our team feature in our 2016 TV advert with Pakistani actress and model, Nadia Hussain.

In developing to become a wider UK practice, we established a new base with larger offices at the heart of Birmingham City Centre’s Colmore Business District. From here we conduct our work on claims across the country, with a large team of experienced personal injury and medical negligence solicitors handling all kinds of claims cases. We pride ourselves on our diverse team, who offer exceptional service to our clients. In 2013, we decided to reward their hard work with lower hours at the same pay and have never turned back since.

Beyond offering award-winning service to our clients, our team have been heavily involved in our community outreach and charity programmes, laying the foundations for the development of our rapidly-expanding business in the community initiative, DBS Heart.

Clock on to Safety with DBS Heart

DBS Heart began as a series of office-based fundraisers and charitable donations, including donating our old computers to charity, bag packs, sponsored walks and runs, and other one-off activities to raise awareness for local charities. We focussed on a cause that was close to our hearts – helping to prevent road accident related injuries (by far the most common claims we work on) through education and supporting national accident charities. We partnered with several of these, including Break and Midlands Air Ambulance, and eventually approached Birmingham City Council to assist them with a more involved road safety education program.

This evolved into Clock on to Safety, a series of workshops delivered by our solicitors in schools, with accompanying resources to encourage children to be responsible on the road. In 2013 we joined forces with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra to deliver a Road Safety Concert to over 3,000 school children, educating them on principles of road safety through music and interaction in a stage spectacular. Our road safety projects have gone from strength to strength, and in 2015-16 we have been working alongside our partners to foster greater involvement from communities. We teamed up with St Clare’s Primary School, working with a team of parents, teachers, and children, to produce another stage show, StreetWize. Clips from the filmed production will be made available to schools through an online platform as part of a pack of learning resources and lesson plans, so that workshops can be delivered in over 300 schools across Birmingham.

As the company grew, we decided that we wanted to do more to give back to the communities we serve and promote better relations between businesses and their communities. In 2015, DBS Heart grew to encompass these aims and became a Community Interest Company (CIC) in its own right. Read more about DBS Heart on the DBS Heart Website.

In recent years we have continued to grow, becoming the first law firm to receive the Government Cabinet Office’s Customer Service Excellence Award for our dedication to improving our communication and case handling for our clients. We have expanded to offer our services to more communities across the UK, including the Polish, Slovakian, Romanian, and Portuguese communities, with multi-lingual specialist advisors.

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