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When Mr L. fractured his right hand, he put his health in the hands of medical professionals. He went to the hospital and his doctors told him that there was no fracture and that the pain would go away if he applied ice and rested it.

But three months later his hand was still in pain, making it difficult to write or keep up his efficiency at the take-away restaurant where he worked. Knowing something wasn’t right, he went back to his GP, who found that he had fractured the bones in two of his fingers.

If his hand had been treated immediately after the accident, when he was in hospital, the injury would have healed well. But the failure of his doctors to notice the damage meant that nothing could be done once the breaks had been detected.

Left with chronic pain in his hand, unable to lift heavy objects, work at speed, or even do up the buttons on his clothes, Mr L. came to CTS for help. With the aid of our expert solicitors, he was able to pursue a medical negligence claim against his doctors for the misdiagnosis and failure to treat his injury.

Our medical negligence solicitors ensured that not just the initial injury but also the impact on his work and home life were taken into account as part of the claim, and showed that his fractures should not have been overlooked by the medical professionals who were supposed to look after him.

Vicky Blodwell, Medical Negligence Solicitor helped the client with his case.

Vicky Blodwell, Medical Negligence Solicitor helped the client with his case.

Specialist solicitor Vicky Blodwell helped Mr L. to win a substantial £25,000 in compensation for the negligence he suffered, to help him get his life back on track after his accident.

If you have suffered as a result of misdiagnosis or being given the wrong treatment in hospital, you have a right to claim compensation. At CTS, our team of solicitors have considerable experience in handling medical negligence claims and will be able to guide you every step of the way. We offer a no win, no fee service, which means that if your claim is unsuccessful you don’t pay a penny, and we take our fees from the defendant’s insurance company if your claim is a success. So you receive 100% of your compensation without deductions from us.

To start your claim today call us now on 0800 29 800 29 or fill in the form below to make an enquiry.

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As the frost kicks in, it is now more important than ever to take care on the roads. Every year we see a rise on road accidents as the weather worsens in winter, but taking care to prepare your car and your journey can help minimise your risk of having an accident. In 2014 the Department for Transport reported 29 people killed, 251 seriously injured and 2,274 sustained minor injuries on the road during icy weather – so how can you avoid accidents?


1. Maximise Visibility

Your eyes are your strongest ally on the road, so making sure that your vision is clear is vital for safe driving. Winter brings two particular hazards:


  • Frost and Ice – A recent RAC study showed that just 42% of motorists ensure their windscreens are completely defrosted before heading out, and many use methods of defrosting (such as hot water) which can cause damage to their cars. To make sure your sight is clear as you drive, ensure your windows are fully defrosted with a scraper and de-icer spray. Do not rely on your wipers to remove ice as you drive.
  • Low Sun – During winter the sun is low in the sky – a potential disaster for your line of sight while you drive. Avoid being blinded by using your sun visors, and invest in visors for your passenger windows, too. Alternatively, sunglasses (even in winter!) can make all the difference, so that you can see clearly as you drive.


2. Know Your Route


In winter it is more important than ever to plan ahead before you drive. Areas with heavy rain or puddles that can frost over are best avoided, and it is a great idea to get to know your local council’s gritting routes. In icy weather avoid small country roads with steep bridges, sharp bends, and awkward cross-roads.


3. Drive Steady

Taking an extra five minutes to reach your destination could save your life. Drive slowly and carefully on frosty roads to avoid skidding and give a wide berth to other cars which may need to break suddenly.


4. Winter Car Maintenance

Worn tires can be dangerous at any time of year, but when the weather is frosty they can be a disaster. Check the grip on your tires and the state of your break pads to make sure they can handle a frost-bitten road. Keep an eye on your wiper blades and replace them if they are worn or splitting. It is also a good idea to keep a bottle of de-icer in your car, particularly if you’re travelling home at night, as your windows may frost over in the evenings.


Overall, care and attention are the best ways to avoid accidents on the road during the winter months – with darker evenings and inclement weather there are more distractions and hazards for drivers than in summer. Drive safe!


If you do suffer an accident on the road this winter that was not your fault, we are here to help. CTS has offered award-winning compensation claims across the UK for over 15 years, and our team will be happy to advise you. Our service is entirely free and unlike other law firms, we give you 100% of your compensation. For advice and to start your claim, speak to a specialist on 0800 093 93 92 today or fill in the form below!


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A waitress who was caught in a hit-and-run accident on Birmingham’s Stratford Road has received £200,000 in compensation after an appeal to the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB).

Mrs W. was thrown into the air by the car that struck her and left at the side of the road it drove away. The accident left her with moderate-severe brain injuries, post-traumatic amnesia, and vision problems. She was hospitalized and unable to return to her work or care for her twelve-year-old son. Throughout her recovery she relied heavily on her husband for help.

Serious injuries caused by road traffic accidents can have a devastating effect on the victim and their family. But the damage can be worse when you don’t know where to turn.

Many people assume that not knowing the person at fault means they cannot claim. But you can still pursue a claim for compensation through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB).

When her first application to the MIB was rejected, Mrs W. turned to Claim Today Solicitors, who fought hard to make sure her voice was heard. The case was successful on appeal. Serious Injury Specialist, Vicky Blodwell, fought tooth and nail to get Mrs W. 100% of the compensation she deserved.

German-speaking Mrs W. had no problems conducting a claim through CTS, which prides itself on offering a multi-lingual service to clients. “We arranged for all legal documents to be translated for her,” says Vicky, “so that she was kept up to date and understood her claim every step of the way.”

CTS prides itself on offering award-winning legal service in many languages, keeping the process quick and easy, and ensuring that our clients receive 100% of their compensation. If you have suffered an injury in an accident that was not your fault, don’t suffer in silence. Speak to a specialist today on 0800 093 93 92 to start your claim today!

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Record NHS hospital discharge delays risk patient safety

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Growing pressure on the NHS means that more patients are facing delays in being discharged from hospital.

Traditionally, July is a strong month for the health service. Warm weather and changes to behaviour in the summer months have often meant respite for doctors during this period. But Nigel Edwards, of the Nuffield Trust health think-tank, said: “The days of a traditional summer respite for the NHS are gone for good. The figure for delays in discharging patients from hospital is particularly worrying.”

Furthermore, the Royal Voluntary Service has revealed that 70% of NHS nurses delay the discharge of older patients due to the lack of support available outside of hospital, increasing the backlog.

Lack of care in the community means the NHS continues to miss its targets, with delays in July up a quarter on the same month last year. And Mr Edwards believes this may be ‘an understatement of the true scale of the problem’.

But what does this mean for patients?

Overcrowding in hospitals is something we have grown used to. With limited beds and continual demand, ensuring patients are treated quickly and sent home can mean life or death for other patients waiting for assistance. But as the NHS continues to miss its targets, fears are mounting that the delays will have a heavy impact across other areas of hospitals, particularly A&E.

The longer it takes for other patients to be discharged, the longer it takes for incoming patients to receive the treatment they need. This can have a devastating impact, especially in emergency cases where immediate care is vital and delays could prove fatal. More pressure on doctors can also result in a higher rate of misdiagnosis and mix-ups leading to mistreatment in hospital.

If you have suffered as a result of medical misdiagnosis, delays in hospital discharge, or as a result of poor medical treatment in hospital, you should seek legal advice. Call Claim Today on 0800 93 93 92 to speak to a member of our specialist Medical Negligence team or fill out our enquiry form and we will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your situation. 

CTS secures £100,000 settlement for injured cyclist

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Director and Serious Injury solicitor of Claim Today Solictors, Vicky Blodwell, has secured a six-figure settlement for a cyclist who was hit by a car while riding in a cycling lane. The defendant’s car shot out from the highway into the cycling lane, where it collided with the client, throwing him from his bicycle into the street.

Mr. M suffered multiple injuries, including fractures to the skull, spine, and both shoulders, and underwent considerable private treatment. Claim Today Solicitors ensured that the client’s needs were covered, instructing a case manager to arrange this private treatment and co-ordinate all the treatment the client needed, including travel to and from appointments, a taxi account. Vicky also arranged the installation of a gas alarm, after the client’s injuries left him without a sense of smell. His hearing was also impaired as a result of the skull fractures.

‘At CTS, our client’s rehabilitation is a key aim from the very beginning,’ explains Vicky, ‘it is important to us to see that the client is provided for, and that the costs of the assistance they need following their accident is clear and recorded. For this reason, we aim to give all clients full support, and in this case I arranged for the best doctors from London to oversee the client’s medical examinations.’ By providing the best medical care, Vicky was able to fully gauge the impact of the accident, and secured that quotes for other supporting treatment and lifestyle needs, including further surgery and hearing aids, were included in the settlement.

‘This was a tough case,’ Vicky continued, ‘the defendant made nonsense accusations of contributory negligence on the part of our client, but we fought hard and saw that these accusations were dismissed.’

Mr. M was delighted with the service he received, saying, ‘Vicky Blodwell has provided all possible supports during my case assessment and I’m glad that I will be able to get Best Claim Reward through her guidance and support. From Start to Finish, I found Vicky honest and very helpful. Without her helping hand, I don’t think that my claim would have been settled smoothly after long fight. I would Highly Recommend her professional service to others.’

Last year, ROSPA reported that almost 20,000 cyclists were injured or killed in accidents on the road. Between 70-80% of cyclist fatalities are as a result of head injuries like our client’s skull fractures, and recovery relies heavily upon immediate and follow-up treatment. Often driver awareness is the issue, with drivers not heeding the presence of cyclists. An increase in cycling lanes, especially designed to reduce the risk faced by cyclists, has helped to lessen this number, but in cases such as our clients’ driver vigilance remains a key factor in cyclist safety.

This settlement follows the successful settlement of three other six-figure cases by Vicky earlier this year.

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100% Compensation, 100% free?

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When you call us, one of the first things you want to know is whether you will be charged for making a claim. This is understandable. Following an injury, particularly a serious injury, the last thing you want is to have to spend money resolving your case. For many people, the idea of a free legal service seems too good to be true, but here’s how it works:

When you call Claim Today, our client advisory team assist you with the initial steps, gathering information about your claim. They assess your case and let you know your likelihood of success. Whether we accept or turn down your case, there is no cost to you, and all advice and service you receive remains 100% free and confidential.

What is ‘No Win, No Fee’?

Personal Injury claims are funded by a Conditional Fee Agreement (commonly called a ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement). This means that if your claim is not successful, your solicitor is not paid for any work they have done on the case. Providing you have not given misleading information, you will not be charged if your case is unsuccessful.

100% Compensation for our clients

Claim Today Solicitors differs from other law firms in our commitment to giving clients 100% Compensation. So how is your solicitor paid for their work on successful cases? We take our fees from the other party – typically their insurance company – when we win the case. This payment is distinct from the case settlement and covers our solicitors’ costs.

No financial risk to you

This arrangement gives maximum security as you to pursue your claim. It allows us to offer a steam-lined and efficient approach to the claim process, so you can claim more quickly and with less hassle. With a simple claim process, and updates throughout, making a compensation claim is easier than ever.

Just give our team a call for free on 0800 093 93 92 to start your claim. Our solicitors will fight your corner throughout your claim, keeping you informed every step of the way. When your claim is successful, you will receive a cheque for 100% of your compensation.

No Win, No Fee (How?)

Simple steps to starting your free no win, no fee claim for 100% compensation today.

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£200k compensation for man injured in concrete boom collision

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100% Compensation for construction worker

Claim Today Solicitors has helped an injured construction worker recieve £200,000 compensation for his injuries.

Mr Singh was injured while carrying out his duties cleaning steel decks at his workplace. Nearby, a concrete pump boom was being prepared for later use. As he cleaned the decks, the boom moved, hitting him in the shoulder and knocking him face-forward onto the steel decking. The machine did not stop moving and immediately crushed him between the steel decks, fracturing his ribs and shoulder and cutting his face. Around him, other workers rushed to his aid and he was pulled, severely bleeding, from beneath the machine.

Our client was unaware of the boom, and had not been advised that it was there before the accident took place. At the hospital he suffered a partial amputation of his left little finger, as well as the rib and arm fractures and lacerations to his face. This left him unable to work, and put stress on himself, his finances and his family life.

Our solicitors worked hard to prove the liability of Mr Singh’s employer, who had not taken due care to maintain the safety of his work environment, either through sufficient training or safeguards. It was shown that the person operating the boom did not have a license to use it, and that our client’s injury was a result of poor health and safety practices by the company who employed him.

CTS - Team Members

Vicky Blodwell, Serious Injury Solicitor

We secured £200,000 in damages for Mr Singh, to help him get his life back on track after the accident, as well as supporting him throughout his claim with medical assessments and interim payments. The client was extremely happy with the settlement and commended the support and service he received from CTS.

Serious Injury Specialist, Vicky Blodwell, described the case as challenging but successful. “Everyone has a right to work in a safe environment, and it was clear that Mr Singh’s employers had not taken the correct steps to ensure safety for Mr Singh and his colleagues. I am delighted that we were able to help him win 100% of the compensation he deserves and wish him the best in the future.”

If you have suffered serious injury in an accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. Speak to a member of our team now on 0800 093 93 92 or start your claim online.

Click here for more information about Accidents at Work and Serious Injury Claims.

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£500,000 compensation for crushed car servicer

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Accident At Work

Claim Today Solicitors have secured a major pay out of over £500,000 compensation for a man who was injured while servicing a car at his workplace.

Jozef’s life changed completely when he was crushed by a car he was servicing. While vacuuming the carpet of the car at his valeting workstation, he slipped onto the accelerator and the car, which had been running with the engine on, jutted into a nearby pillar. Trapped in the door, Jozef was dragged backwards and was crushed between the door and the car, leaving him with multiple fractures to his hip, pelvis, and spinal canal. It was the worst pain he has felt in his life.

He was rushed, with breathing support and an injection, to hospital by ambulance, where he stayed for 5 days. It was hoped that his fractures would heal well, but eight months after the accident he needed an operation to put in a surgical screw. He could not walk for three months and now relies on crutches; the daily pain affected his sleep and ability to stay involved with his social life.

He called CTS for assistance, and pursued a case for damages against his employer.

‘In cases like this, the long-term effects of a serious injury can have a devastating impact on a person’s lifestyle and family life.’ says Vicky Blodwell, who acted for Jozef, ‘It can turn every day tasks, like dressing and showering, that used to be simple, into a daily nightmare. In this case, Jozef and his wife were even forced to move house, as his previous accommodation was not suitable for his mobility needs.’

CTS - Team Members

Vicky Blodwell has years of experience helping her clients rebuild their lives after serious injuries.

Vicky fought hard to ensure that Jozef’s current and future needs were met, and that every aspect of his new situation were considered. This included provision for adjustments to his house, including safety rails and supporting appliances, as well as a scooter and an adjusted car to help Jozef get about. In particular, she made sure there was provision for him to live on the ground floor, as climbing the stairs to his first-floor apartment was arduous and painful.


‘I am so grateful for the help from CTS’

CTS settled the case for gross damages of £563,000, a significant figure to help Jozef get rebuild his life. Jozef was delighted with the result and the service he received, saying, ‘I am so grateful for the help from CTS. I was referred to some excellent doctors and experts who really knew what they were doing. The interrim payments they gave me really helped during my case. They were very professional and helpful and knew exactly what to do.’

‘I had looked at a number of firms before picking CTS, but they stood out for being able to speak to me in my own language. There are plenty of law firms out there, but CTS gave me exceptional service when I needed it – and this is a greater result than I expected! Thank you to Vicky and to CTS.’

Vicky said, ‘I am delighted with the result on this case and glad that we were able to help Jozef. I wish him and his family all the best in the future.’

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BREXIT? – Leading solicitors back remain 100%

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nes and events

Claim Today and Sikh Channel chairman, Davy Bal, comments on the role of the EU for UK business and community

22 June 2016

Leading Midlands solicitor and chairman of Claim Today Solicitors, Davy Bal, has expressed his support for remaining in Europe following MP interviews at Westminster this week. Mr Bal, who also chairs international broadcaster, the Sikh Channel, supports a fair debate on Europe ahead of the referendum, but has concerns about the impact of a decision to leave upon the UK’s business community.

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